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Termini e condizioni



1.1. Entrance ticket to EXPO 2016 Antalya Exhibition Area is a printed document with a design and content specified by EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency, which enables entrance to the exhibition area between April 24 and October 30, 2016, days when the exhibition areas is open for visits, from 10:00 to 02:00.

1.2. Ticket types are as follows.
1.2.1. Adult (Age 14-64) Ticket; the ticket type to be purchased by adult visitors who were born between 1952 and 2002.
1.2.2. Low Rate Ticket (Students (14-25), Age of 65 and Above); the ticket type to be purchased by students who were born between 1991 and 2002 as well as elder visitors who were born on 1953 or later.
1.2.3. Child (Age 8-13) Ticket; the ticket type to be purchased by child visitors who were born between 2003 and 2008.
1.2.4. Free Ticket; the free ticket to be provided to children who were born on 2009 or later as well as visitors with a veteran, martyr's relative and disability card.
1.2.5. Family Ticket; the ticket type to be purchased by family visitors consisting of 1 and/or 2 adults and 2-3 children. One (1) ticket shall be provided for each member of the family.
1.2.6. Season Card; the ticket type that can be purchased by adults, students, elders and children (age 8-13), which shall be valid on the dates when exhibition area is open for visits. Season ticket is for personal use only, and contains personal information (name, surname, TR ID Number, passport number, etc.). Season card allows for unlimited entrances and exits provided that it is swiped on entrances and exits between April 24 and October 30.

1.3. Tickets can be purchased from the following locations.
1.3.1. EXPO 2016 Antalya Exhibition Area ticket booths.
1.3.2. Official webpage (
1.3.3. Mobile sales tools.
1.3.4. Authorized points of sale.

1.4. Possession of a ticket is obligatory for entering the exhibition area, and no entrance will be allowed without tickets.

1.5. A free ticket shall be provided for children under the age of eight (8), provided that they are under supervision of a parent. Free tickets can be received from ticket sales offices.

1.6. Tickets are for one (1) person only, and valid throughout the exhibition. Entrance is limited to once (1) per day, and tickets cannot be reused, or refunded except as specified under return conditions.

1.7. Only the tickets that are purchased from locations specified under Article (1.3) shall be valid. Entrance to exhibition area is not allowed with tickets that are taken from third persons, lost, stolen, fake, illegible or copied. Owner of an invalid ticket that has entered the exhibition area might be asked to leave the area.

1.8. Without the consent of EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency, tickets cannot be sold for profit, exchanged or used for commercial, advertising or promotional (e.g. as a reward in competitions, etc.) purposes.

1.9. Ticket owner might receive information on changes that might occur regarding dates and times of entrance to the exhibition area as well as other issues through the website ( or EXPO Call Center (0 850 532 39 76).

1.10. In the event that EXPO 2016 Antalya activities are suspended or canceled for any reason to be attributed to EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency, the cost paid by the ticket owner shall be returned from the location of purchase.

1.11. EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency might make changes on the dates and times of activities to be organized during the exhibition, due to force majeure (flood, storm, earthquake, fire, etc.), unfavorable weather conditions, reasons that can disturb the order and safety, and technical factors. Besides, changes might occur on ‘Cultural Programs schedule’ that shows the activities to take place on the area during the period when EXPO 2016 Antalya is open. In such events, cost of ticket will not be refunded.

1.12. EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency is not liable to renew the tickets that are lost, deformed, damaged, stolen or fake.

1.13. Cost of ticket is not refunded if the owner of the ticket decides not to enter the exhibition area.

1.14. The person that purchases the ticket agrees, declares and represents that he/she has purchased the ticket for personal use only without any commercial intentions, will not use
the ticket for any commercial business or activities, and accepts all the above-stated conditions.


2.1. Ticket Owner must follow these “Rules of Entrance and Visit to EXPO 2016 ANTALYA Exhibition Area” and other rules that are deemed necessary by the EXPO 2016 Antalya
Agency due to organizational and technical reasons.

2.2. In the entrance to exhibition area, all children under the age of 14 must be supervised by a parent.

2.3. Upon request by the gate personnel, ticket owner must present his/her identity card or any other proper document that shows the owner's age.

2.4. Ticket owner must go through an obligatory security check during entrance to exhibition area. Security checks include general check through a gate type Metal Gate Detector, body search with a manual detector, and search of visitors' luggage, bags and other objects through X-Ray devices.

2.5. Since there are not any safe cabinets in the entrance to exhibition area to leave the forbidden materials specified under Article (2.6.), said materials mustn't be brought to the exhibition area.

2.6. Entrance of the following materials that could harm visitors, employees and exhibition area will not be allowed.
2.6.1. Any kind of firearms, air guns, electric guns that could lead to death, injury, fainting and shock, as well as toy guns, fake guns, any parts of firearms.
2.6.2. Any kind of signal pistols.
2.6.3. Tranquilizer guns and electroshock weapons as well as tear gas sprays.
2.6.4. Any kind of sharp and edged tools, and objects longer than 6 cm that could lead to severe injuries due to their sharp parts as well as scissors.
2.6.5. Drugs, poison, any kind of inflammable, explosive, intoxicant chemical substances, bombs and liquids.
2.6.6. Banners, symbols, flags, pictures, printed or written materials containing political, ideological, religious doctrines of propaganda nature.
2.6.7. Disturbing tools, musical instruments, loudhailers and emission or other sound increasing items that could pose danger for the safety of visitors or inconvenience, and affect proper operation of the organization.
2.6.8. Any kind of pets. (except for guide dogs for the disabled)
2.6.9. Drones and multicopters.
2.6.10. Laser pointers.
2.6.11. Wheel vehicles such as bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, etc. that could harm the plants in exhibition area.

2.7. There are sufficient amount of wheelchairs and pushchairs in the area to be used by disabled or visitors in need against their identity cards.

2.8. There are 3 car parks for visitors that are located on the north and west entrances. There are spaces allocated to disabled persons and pregnant women in the car parks. Car parks are paid parks, and the fee is not included in the ticket price. EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency is not liable for any damages caused by robbery and accidents in the cars within the car parks.

2.9. It is prohibited to sell, bring or consume any shelled nuts since they are against the cleaning rules within the area.


3.1. Disorderly actions and behaviors that violate the safety of visitors and employees, and break the peace of other people on the exhibition area are prohibited as well as below-specified behaviors.
3.1.1. Smoking at areas other than those specified.
3.1.2. Gambling, playing similar games, unauthorized collection of money.
3.1.3. Unauthorized activities of personal or group promotion
3.1.4. Any kind of marketing / advertising activities without the approval of EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency.
3.1.5. Protests concerning unions, politics, religion, etc.
3.1.6. Product sales by unauthorized people within prohibited spaces (except for kiosks, food courts, restaurants).
3.1.7. Unauthorized sales of tickets.
3.1.8. Unauthorized recording using mobile phones or other equipment (video camera, recorder, etc.) for commercial purposes.
3.1.9. Unauthorized requests of money or products (musicians or singers, beggars, sales of black market tickets at the entrance or inside the area).

3.2. Visitors carrying out the actions and behaviors specified under Article (3.1) are warned or may be ejected from the exhibition area.

3.3. Visitors must follow the warning and direction signs on the area, and listen to the announcements.

3.4. Visitor must take great care on the exhibition area both for his/her own safety and the safety of children he/she supervises, and follow the warnings given within the area. EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency will not be liable for the results of any imprudence and negligence.

3.5. For the transportation within the area, ring vehicles shall be at the service of visitors. EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency reserves the right to make arrangements regarding the use of ring vehicles.

3.6. EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency is not liable for valuable assets and belongings of visitors within the area.

3.7. There shall be a “Lost-and-Found” on both gates, and items found within or around the area shall be recorded in “lost items inventory”. Lost items shall be kept in the same office
by October 30, 2016. EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency declines responsibility for the dispossessed items.

3.8. All constructions and roads within EXPO 2016 Antalya Exhibition Area are fit for the transportation of disabled people, and personnel appointed by EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency shall provide any support for the comfort of disabled people.

3.9. Pictures, video and audio records of exhibition area and activities captured by visitors cannot be sold, licensed, published in any written, visual or web media organs, printed or used for commercial purposes, without their exclusive and personal permissions. EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency is not responsible for liabilities arising from copyrights.

3.10. In the event that a visitor does not follow the rules specified in this regulation, security personnel or Expo 2016 Antalya Agency personnel might not allow for entrance of such visitor or request that he/she leaves the area.

3.11. EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency reserves its right to make adjustments and changes in "EXPO 2016 ANTALYA ENTRANCE TİCKET, RULES OF ENTRANCE AND VISIT TO EXHIBITION AREA" at any time.